Professional and Bespoke Property Development

With our in-depth knowledge of the local property market, we create excellent investment opportunities from the ground up. Our professional design and construction experience create some of the most exclusive and sought-after property developments in Cape Town. From group housing sites, upmarket luxury residential estates, to multi-story apartment blocks, we can help you turn your project vision into reality. 

By drawing on the expertise and experience of our interdisciplinary team of specialists, we manage the complete process of bringing a property development project to fruition, on time and on budget. Whether you already own existing property or block of land or you are looking to buy and develop in the Western Cape – we can assist. We execute complex projects with 360° precision to ensure they are positioned for success in a competitive market. 

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Bespoke new builds

Build your dream home

Ensuring your home meets your individual needs is always at the forefront of our designs, whether you are a young couple, a large family or a retired couple.

We deliberately commit to only a limited number of homes each year to ensure we can continue to deliver a highly personalised service to our customers and to ensure the high standards of our constructions are maintained.

By undertaking both the design and construction of your home, we can eliminate costly details which might otherwise arise in architectural drawings, ultimately saving you money. 

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Property Development

Full-service property development

Nubauen has been involved in a range of projects spanning residential and commercial developments. End-to-end management of the development process, including highest and best use assessment, feasibility, acquisition, design management, town planning approval, finance and partnership structuring, delivery, and overall product oversight. 

Nubauen has earned a reputation for creating boutique living experiences through our premium property developments in the Western Cape and Gauteng. We collaborate with the best architects and use our in-house interior designers to deliver quality, spacious residences people want to live in.

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Interior Design

Every space tells a story

Inspired by the individuals we design for, it follows that Nubauen has extensive experience across a variety of interior styles. Clients relish receiving early glimpses into their finished home through the illustrations, CGIs, mood boards, furniture, and lighting layouts that are presented with each new phase in the program.

Well-versed in delivering transformative interiors, we recognise the excellent impact interior design can have on a property. An initial design brief that analyses function, flow, space, and light is the springboard for creating a blueprint that thoughtfully incorporates budgets and timelines, enabling delivery of interiors of the highest specification — apparent in every material and finish.

Interior Design Services

Property Development Management 

We identify and present you with highly sought-after residential development opportunities.

Feasibility studies shows if a project is viable and whether the investment will provide a solid return for the investor/developer. We offer complete, detailed site- specific forecasting and estimating for the entire development process, from inception to completion.

We identify the options and measure how this is to be delivered against the objectives. Sometimes it’s a case of financial viability or cost benefit or it’s dealing with practicalities such as optimising design efficiencies on a site. We work through all the options and variables and provide outcomes and recommendations, and when the desired option doesn’t work, we will offer alternatives.

We conduct site-specific risk analysis with consideration for local planning requirements, limitations, and environmental factors.

We complete in-depth market and project research to determine the best use of your development site, ensuring maximum ROI.

We procure all the service providers, vendors, suppliers and contractors required to complete the project to the highest standard via our extensive network.

We leverage our knowledge, experience and networks within the development funding space to help you to realise your project.

We assist in managing the entire design process, from the initial concept and preliminary drawings through to the eventual construction drawings.  Working closely with our specialist teams, we provide thorough and comprehensive Site Development Plans, Master Plans and Layout Plans for projects of all sizes.

We monitor and control progress, draws and status meetings with all contractors to ensure the construction project stays within budget and remains on schedule.

Nubauen Project Management will through careful planning deliver your project on budget, ensure that deadlines are met and reduce the stress of undertaking a large building project.

We support you and your building project through our key service areas:

  • Building Project Management
  • Budgets and costing via our Quantity Surveying function

We facilitate completion of all compliance certificates as well as obtaining of the certificate of occupancy from the local authority. Once the construction phase is completed, there are still a few loose ends that need to be tied up. If there are any concerns or disputes, these will be addressed and resolved. 

Working with private clients & property developers, we oversee every aspect of your project; from creating schemes & managing structural works to specifying the finest bed linen & home accessories to positioning artwork & fresh cut flowers.

Our network of trusted suppliers & craftsmen are experts in their fields with exceptional attention to detail.

Nubauen Interiors  will create & complete your project to your taste & budget.

A professionally designed, installed and maintained landscape/garden is guaranteed to increase property values considerably. Our talented team of experts provides unique landscape designs, high-quality products and installations, professional expertise, and outstanding customer service.