You dream it we build it 

We’ve built our processes around simplicity, transparency, and common sense. Your time is valuable, and your free time should be spent having fun with family and friends. This is part of why we’ve simplified the design & building process – so that you understand every stage of your journey. Embark on the design process with your custom home. Work with our experts in design to create a home designed around your needs. We make the process of building simple.

Pretty straightforward? That’s what building a home should be.


The first step in any relationship  is to find out more about each other.

To kick things off, we will schedule a meeting at one of our model homes (if available) where you can get to know us personally. You will be able to tour the home and see first-hand the finishes and quality that set us apart.

If you already have a plot of land our site inspection will help us gain a better understanding of the vision you have for your home. Our professional team will assess your land’s size, shape, slope and surroundings to best determine the type of house you can build. If you are using your own architect, we can review the current plans to establish suitability – and buildability – looking at all relevant possibilities for your site and budget. We find this is a great way to build confidence and trust, the foundations of any great partnership.

If you don’t have plans we’ll discuss your budget, define who you are, what inspires you, and most importantly, what you envision for your home. Great design outcomes result from our design team truly understanding you and your expectations. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

Brief & Design

Now that we have a clear understanding of your family, your land and the vision you have for your home, it’s time to start designing!  You can choose to use your own architect and we will work with them to interpret the vision you have for your home down to the finest detail.  Alternatively, our specialist team of expert architects and architectural designers can work with you to create your perfect home.

What is a Concept Design?

Based on the client project brief and site analysis in the first stage, the architect will now prepare a design concept. This will show the intended spaces in your project and how the various spaces of the house will interact and relate to best suit your requirements.

The design concept will furthermore provide an indication of the intended scope, scale, character, form and function of the house. This is presented in the form of schematic layouts, floor plans, sections and elevations to illustrate the design and may be accompanied by basic three-dimensional perspectives or sketches to illustrate the proposed look and feel of the building.

After you have reviewed and commented on the architect’s design and agreed on the essence of the concept, the design will be refined to show the general construction materials and intended finishes.

The viability of the design concept will be reviewed in relation to the proposed budget, conformity with the rights and restrictions of the property, and the project program. The professional team will be consulted and their input incorporated into the design concept.

Developing and refining our initial concept

This stage is all about developing and refining our initial concept.

This stage covers three important phases:

  1. Refining the initial concept
  2. Interior Design / Specification schedule
  3. Detailed architectural drawings

Refining the initial concept

Your feedback on the design concept will guide the architect on how best to develop the design to incorporate your requirements in more detail. The architect considers numerous facets of the building project, including structural and construction systems, floor plans, elevations and sections through the house. 

You will be contacted to schedule your design appointments.

Interior design / selection schedule

Now that your home has been designed you will begin the Interior Design process, where you express your style and the fun really begins. Working closely with our Interior Designer you will create a comprehensive look and feel for your home.

You will be guided through selecting your colour pallet, fixtures, fittings and all items design. Touch and see all of the products, fixtures and fittings with the curated selection available at our office, or, from anywhere you like.

Detailed architectural drawings

With key decisions made,  finishes and specifications decided, the architect can now develop a pack of all plans with detailed specifications and finishing schedules. This will also include working and structural detail drawings, engineering, internal detail drawings and electrical plans.

The detailed architectural drawings such as the floor plans, elevations and sections through the house, along with three-dimensional perspectives of the exterior and interior of the project can now be presented to the client. 

Final approval of the design

This phase follows your final approval of the design development stage and is divided into three parts.

  1. Local Authority Documentation
  2. Documentation for Construction 
  3. Costing & Contracts

Town Planning Documentation

The architect will prepare drawings and documentation sufficient for approval by the local town planning authority.  This includes working and structural detail drawings, engineering, internal detail drawings and electrical plans.

The approval of drawings and documentation by the local authority can prove to be a lengthy process. Although we do engage with building control offices and other divisions within the municipality, it is not possible to guarantee that the timeframes for approval will be adhered to.

Documentation for Construction 

The architect will complete the necessary documentation for construction and full execution of the works. This documentation will include detailed specifications that you have selected, schedules of windows, doors, sanitary fittings, ironmongery, details of specific construction aspects, and any specific requirements of the project.

Cost Review & Contracts

With your plans and specifications finalised and council ready, we will take care of the fine print, whilst providing you with a cost estimate and final quote to build your home. The price we quote is for your completed home as specified.  The quotation with the specifications and p.c. amounts will become part of the building contract. When these are agreed upon, by both parties, Nubauen will prepare a set of contract documents and arrange for the signing of the building contract.

Once all parties are happy and contacts are signed, and the construction process begins.






Construction Process

After your stamped copy of the plan approval is received, it is time to start building your new home!

Before we commence construction, Nubauen will draw up a schedule for the construction process so that everyone knows what will happen and when.

Our site foremen ensure that the project is managed according to the schedule while still achieving the highest possible standard of quality. Throughout the process, there will be an open line of communication so that the clients’ expectation is managed every step of the way.

Nubauen works with some of the best suppliers and subcontractors in the area and we personally oversee the entire construction process.

Throughout the process, an independent quality control professional will conduct inspections to ensure your home is built to exacting standards.

Certificate of Occupancy

Reaching the end of your project is a big milestone. It’s the culmination of months of planning, negotiating and decision making. It’s exciting knowing that you’re about to move into your home so it’s easy to lose focus on what needs to be done during handover.

At this final stage, Nubauen will conduct a pre-handover inspection (also known as a ‘final inspection’) to rectify any faults or issues that were picked are picked up. Our client will then be invited to jointly inspect your home prior to the official handover. 

A certificate of practical completion will be issued and final contract payments will be due. 

An Occupation Certificate will be issued as it is compulsory for every home before the occupation. This is to show that all requirements have been met and to safeguard the owner.

On handover day you’ll receive:

  • Your occupancy certificate.
  • Warranty and instruction documentation for appliances and fixtures, 
  • Documentation from service providers (e.g. for the supply of electricity, water, sewerage, etc.)
  • Certificates of inspection (e.g. slab, frame, waterproofing)

Your new build home should be an exciting journey and, with Nubauen we want to make sure that it will be.

Semi custom

All-inclusive plot and plan

Can’t find a house on the market, but the idea of building from scratch sounds overwhelming?

Semi-custom homes offer the convenience of pre-defined options with the luxury of custom details. With access to spectacular plots and pre-designed floor plans in private residential estates, Nubauen building package prices include the following: Architect’s fee, Landscape design fee, HOA scrutiny fees (house and landscape), Town planning council fees, NHBRC enrollment fee, Engineer’s fee and land surveyors fees.  

Rely on our expertise! With predefined choices, you get the benefits of a well-thought-out home with the ease buying of a home. The streamlined process of a semi-custom home means you’ll be able to move in sooner.

Not sure where to start?

Choose from one of our preferred lenders and get pre-approved!

We have the capabilities to assist our clients with bond origination services through our network in financial services. 

We’ll walk you through your financing options to help you establish the right budget for your build.

Obligation-free consultation

The process starts with a conversation.

We will schedule a meeting at one of our model homes (if available) where you can get to know us personally. You will be able to tour the home and see first-hand the finishes and quality that set us apart.  We will have a look at various plots that are available, discuss your project, determine your needs and overall budget. 

Secure the Property and Home Model

Pick your property and customize your home model

We ask that you choose a plan from one of our packages to start. We can modify the structure to fit your needs as you require. We can move walls here, delete bedrooms there, add or delete doors/windows etc. Regardless of which plan you decide on, we will work together with you to modify the layout to work best for your wants and needs.

The architect works on revisions based on two reverts. For major additions or structural changes to your spec home, cost implications will be discussed. 

Once your plan is finalised we will send it in for final drawings. These will be the plans used during construction.

Personalise your home 

Once your plans are finalised and your budget is set, it’s time to personalise your semi-custom home.  You can either meet up with our interior designer or choose all the selections on your own. 

Interior designer

You will meet up with our interior designer where you will go through the specifications and set allowances for finishes. Our interior designer will guide you through selecting your internal and external colours and materials, floor coverings, joinery materials, tap wear from our pre-determined specifications.  Our premium range of fixtures and features are hand-picked to reflect the demands of modern living. 


If you don’t feel the need to meet with our interior designer, we will send you a  colour selection package that has a simple detailed list of each item you would need to select. You will fill out the list as you go with the selection process, making it easy for you to keep track of your progress with selections.

Based on your selections we will finalise the specification schedule identifying all your selections which will form part of the contract. 

Finalise the contract price.

We will take care of the fine print, developing the documentation pack whilst providing you with a fixed price build contract. Your final plans are updated to include your selection of finishes and are submitted to the relevant authorities for approval. At this stage, your Building Agreement / Contract will then be prepared and issued to you for review and signing. The contract will include the specifications, time to complete the home and the contracted price.


Now that the design is finalised and final pricing agreed, agreements and contracts are signed,  it’s time to break out the tools.

There are several items that need to occur before construction can begin:

  • Ensure that financing for the project has been secured
  • Acquire necessary building permits
  • Have design approved by relevant control committees
  • Site meeting with your construction manager
  • Level 1 Selections – These are the minimum selections that must be made prior to construction

Now that all the preliminary work is done, the excitement can begin!

We order all materials and appoint your site manager.


Throughout the project, we oversee the quality assurance of your home every step of the way. Our project managers pride themselves on keeping an open line of communication throughout the process with not only subcontractors but also the homeowners, keeping them informed and answering any questions that may arise.

During the construction process, we follow strict and realistic timelines and adopt stringent benchmarks for workmanship. Whether you’re located nearby or not, you’ll be kept up to date at every stage until completion.

Welcome home 

The project manager will perform several walkthroughs prior to occupancy marking concerns that need to be addressed prior to moving in we call this the “Punch List”

A final walkthrough is then conducted with the clients to make sure the home is as close to perfect as man and nature can provide.

An Occupation Certificate will be issued as it is compulsory for every building before the occupation.  We follow this with a white glove cleaning before we welcome you into your new home.

to learn more

Contact us today to discuss your needs. We'd love to take you out for a tour of some of our existing homes.